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Caspar-Caspari-Gemeinschaft international

The Caspar - Caspari community (CC- Community ) is a issociatton of the descendants of our common ancestors Caspar Holderbaum in Traben (now Traben -Trarbach ) lived in the 15th century and its partners.
In 2011, Erich Caspari and I, who previously only knew each other "virtually" via the Internet, personally met and decided to those resulting from the genealogy as direct descendants of Caspar Holderbaum (and their partners) and the railway itself only virtually knew in part, to bring together in a meeting. Out of this grew the idea of the first " Introductory meeting " in Traben -Trarbach, which then also took place in March 2012 with 32 participants from (then) 5 countries. (See also CC
meeting 2012) This meeting was a great success so that all participants agreed that this must be repeated. Following an internal discussion meetings at intervals of 2 years has been decided and a working group to prepare the "CC" meetings formed. About the paper reports on the homepage. In May 2014. Then, the follow-up meeting was held in Enkirch. This time the meeting was over 60 participants, part of the first meeting were not there , but many new participants could be obtained.
This meeting was a great success.
The CC meeting is to say that it is not merely meeting the family researchers. Rather, the social aspect for most participants in the foreground. CC meetings offer an opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere people of atmosphere with which you are connected through the common ancestors to learn from different countries and of course many parts of Germany and to exchange ideas. Genealogical point of view; the meeting will be held in places that played a role in the history of the
family in any way. Here, while giving the history of the family through the "experts" taught correspondent. Caspar community - Caspari now includes "members" of Germany, France, the Netherlands , USA, Spain, Switzerland and Brazil.
Meanwhile Gudrun Guerreau has the (closed ) group " Caspar -i" founded in Facebook, in which " members" of the Caspar - Caspari community can exchange between the CC meeting.

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